CODEVAL ALUMINUM SL is a company created at the beginning of the 90s with a main idea, to provide society with its knowledge and experience acquired in the aluminum carpentry sector. The main objective of the company is to provide value to its customers, developing and incorporating into its catalog solutions that improve those already existing in the market due to their design, functionality, performance and commitment to the environment.

Aluminum Facades

More than half of building in our country are built without a proper thermal insulation, meaning a big waste of money. Energy efficiency is one of the key factors at the time of building houses or creating new buildings, that's why architects and builders look for the best materials to improve said efficiency. Aluminum facades became their greatest ally.

To achieve a good energy certification, it's required to install quality materials with the best benefits. Aluminum has become in recent years the perfect material to lower energy consumption in buildings. This is thanks to their excellent resisting, durability, malleability and technology assets in the breaking of thermal bridges.

Its alloy with other materials like zinc and copper, aluminum improves their mechanical properties, improving their useful life, improves their water and corrosion resistance, and a better immunity against UV rays. Likewise, it has been demonstrated that aluminum is a quite versatile and flexible material when for designing.

Choosing an aluminum carpentry system alongside glass is the best way to save in heating and refrigeration, one of the most asked assets at the time of building facades or buildings.

Windows, doors, enclosures, curtains, solar protection systems... There are many building elements that could improve energy efficiency if the correct materials are used. More people are using aluminum for their house's facades and around all of its structures, including professionals.

Codeval, expert aluminum structures for architecture. Codeval, a company located in Valencia, offering services all around the national territory and some international countries, we work with aluminum with the objective of giving our clients the best products and services.

Improve your building's energy efficiency, installing the best quality aluminum facades, and reduce the damage to the environment. Don't hesitate, and give us a call, we offer professional counseling, with more than 20 years of experience.


The ALUMINUM SYSTEMS FOR ARCHITECTURE developed by CODEVAL provide innovative solutions to the demanding construction market. A new line of semi-finished products, Bioclimatic Pergolas, has been added to the already commercialized solutions: Aluminum pergolas, Curtain Wall Systems, Aluminum Windows and Doors Systems, Sun Protection Systems or Safety Blinds Systems. It was in this range of products where the company has new products, to the consolidated PERGOLA ALTEA the company has joined the newest solutions, PERGOLA MORAIRA and also the SLIDING ROOF SYSTEM. Enter and learn more about our Bioclimatic pergolas.

Codeval Bioclimatic Pergolas are designed to take advantage of outdoor spaces at any time of year thanks to their characteristics and multiple possibilities. Both the Pergola Altea model and the newer Pergola Moraira model are ideal for single-family terraces or villas and also in the hospitality sector when we need to create terraces or chill-out spaces. Its innovative design that hides all the motorization, the quality of the finishes, the resistance of the materials used in its construction and the wide range of optional elements as light, sound, heating or perimeter enclosures, make the difference.

  • We just launched a new website in CODEVAL SL, where you will find information about our services, our aluminum structures for architectonic projects, and you'll be able to consult our wide product catalog:

    • Aluminum doors
    • Aluminum windows
    • Mallorcan and aluminum curtains
    • Aluminum mosquito nets
    • Aluminum railings
    • Aluminum enclosures
    • Aluminum pergolas
    • Lightweight aluminum facades

    And our great star, the bioclimatic pergola, of which we will soon have a new catalog coming soon. Request an estimated price from our website.

    We hope you like it.

    CODEVAL ALUMINUM, your reliable aluminum carpentry company.

  • Aluminum has become in the last decades a material widely used in structures and constructions, and this isn't surprising. It is a strong material, resistant, durable, lightweight and with aesthetic characteristics that make it the perfect option for many applications.

    In CODEVAL, aware of this versatility and the great advantages that this tool can provide in the construction sector, we have specialized in aluminum structures for architectonic projects with the aim of offering quality systems and with the best cost- benefit.

    As we said, its malleability, lightweight and strength have made aluminum the ideal material for various uses in construction: windows, doors, frames, grilles, stairs or profiles are some examples of the most common applications.

    However, it is increasingly common to use it also in more complex and more heavily weighted architectural structures in buildings. Here is a sample of other applications of aluminum in construction:

    • Aluminum Railings. The railings give any building a touch of elegance and modernity without losing an apex of safety and quality. This material allows the addition of various accessories, such as panels or glass.
    • Aluminum enclosures. The enclosures are the perfect way to get insulated and protected living spaces. Aluminum, once again, has been consolidated as the main material to build them.
    • Aluminum facades. The walls of a building are responsible for maintaining an optimum temperature, adequate sound insulation, and desired aesthetics. Its resistant and durable properties have made increased the use of aluminum for this applications.
    • lightweight facades or curtain walls. It is an auxiliary structure that is fixed to the very structure of the building with the aim of achieving stylized forms. It is quite common to install them in offices or emblematic buildings.
    • Aluminum Pergolas: they are structures made with durable and resistant materials, aim to recreate a shady environment with elegance and style.

    Aluminum structures for architecture are increasingly present in our day today. If you need a company specialized in manufacturing and distributing aluminum profiles and systems, contact CODEVAL on +34 961 218

  • To this day we are constantly faced with structures and elements made of a highly beneficial material: aluminum. It is no coincidence that this material is used in many applications because after working with it, proved to be an ideal tool for many reasons.

    Its characteristics and properties have led it to become one of the most used materials in the construction and architecture sector. Why?

    Advantages of aluminum in construction:

    • A wide variety of applications. It is a malleable tool, so it can be used in many ways, such as enclosures, facades, doors, windows, railings or grilles among many others uses. While some materials have certain limitations, it provides us a wide range of possibilities.
    • Physical properties. Aluminum is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and external agents, malleable, durable ... In short, its characteristics are the most sought-after for the installation of any structure or element.
    • A wide range of alloys. The aesthetic possibilities it offers are countless. A good professional in the sector will be able to work the aluminum, obtaining multiple finishes: colored lacquers, wood imitation, anodized, mechanical treatments, etc.
    • HIgh Fire resistance. It provides a high level of safety to any building or construction, as it is highly resistant to fire and high temperatures.
    • Low maintenance. One of the most sought-after factors when installing any element is that it is easy to maintain. Aluminum does not need great care or extreme dedication.

    Do you want to check all these features for yourself? Get in contact with CODEVAL, experts in this material and aluminum structures in architectonic projects, and we will provide the most professional assistance. 

  • We in Codeval always want to be up to date with the latest news in the sector to provide the best products and services. The fairs have become one of the best methods to do so because we get to meet other companies in the sector, and they get to meet us too.

    This is why, our team participates in many events, usually presenting one of our products, the aluminum bioclimatic pergola.

  • After the great success of the past fairs, like HIP MADRID, MADE EXPO MILÁN and SALÓN H&T MÁLAGA (for more information, click here), the Codeval team will attend this April 2017 to two events in our country.

    We are always looking to be up to date with all the new trends in the sector and get to know the new products, that's why we always try to be in many of these events, in or outside our country.
    • Fixed and mobile ceilings. This is an option widely used mainly for bars and restaurants, it offers many possibilities and types of drive. After closing the ceiling we are protected against rain, wind or sun, etc. and we are able to enjoy the weather when opened.

    • bioclimatic Pergolas: this is a new solar protection system that allows the possibility to enjoy open spaces.

    • glass curtains. This model of slider windows has been trending in recent years, due to its great visibility and option to be completely opened.

    • Traditional Enclosure slider windows. Usually, they partially open, meaning, an 80% of the total.

    • Mid height enclosures. Usually, they are installed on balconies and terraces. As its name indicates, they start from the wall or rail and reach the ceiling. Usually, slider windows are places.

  • Codeval continues on its desire to grow and be up to date with all the innovations in the aluminum structures for architectonic projects. To achieve this, we attend diverse specialization events organized in and outside our country.
  • This June 20 at 9:00h,  CODEVAL will have a product presentation in the tech journeys about Carpentry, Glazing and Solar Protection that ASEFAVE organized in the Colegio de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de Edificación de la Región de Murcia. In this forum, we will talk about the Altea bioclimatic Pergola, and through the journey, we will also be at the disposal of all the assistants, providing relevant tech information about our products.
  • For over 50 years, companies around the world have been presenting their innovations and demonstrating their solutions in the sector at R+T.  

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Aluminium systems for architecture

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